Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding

Meet Bubba & Lily

Sketch by Tim Cordell


“My name is Bubba. I’m a handsome gray tiger cat who was adopted by the Grants back in 1994. I was a loner in those days, wandering aimlessly through the fields with no real direction in life. My lucky day came when I found a nice back porch on Ridge Road, complete with fresh food and water. I knew this was my ticket out of the field, so I put on quite a show, rolling and purring at Kip and Jean’s feet. Soon enough, they took me in, had me vaccinated, neutered (ouch), and turned me into a sixteen pound lap cat.

Because of my charming personality, I was given the official title of . All of our feline friends can rest easier knowing that their guest rooms have the full approval of yours truly, Inspector Bubba!”

In 2006, I welcomed Lynn's cat, Lily, to the B&B. We never did meet, but we did share adjacent offices. Lily became the official assistant inspector of

In 2009, I developed asthma and despite everyone's efforts and support, it was time for me to claim my space in Kitty Heaven . I'll continue to live on as the official inspector of and my seal of approval will still be the hallmark of quality cat care.”


"My name is Lily. I am originally from Nevada, a descendent of ranch cats who mouse for a living.

As luck would have it, when I was only seven weeks old, I met Lynn Conlon. Using my irresistible blue eyes, I charmed my way into Lynn’s heart and she adopted me. I was scooped from Nevada, hand carried through airport security, and delivered safely to my new life of luxury in upstate New York.

Now that Bubba is in Kitty Heaven , I will be helping to ensure that all of our guests continue to receive the royal treatment they have become accustomed to at and make sure we earn Bubba's seal of approval. I know he'll be watching over us.”

The Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding An Important Message from Bubba and Lily The Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding

Here at , we ask our customers to designate an heir to their beloved felines should that time come while the cats are in our care. Such a request may be a bit surprising and uncomfortable but having the chance for your wishes to be carried out should be a welcomed opportunity. After all, sometimes the legal "next of kin" does not share the same affection for a pet as you. We find that heirs are not always the "obvious" choices. Often, they are a relative or neighbor who has expressed a fondness for the pet. Please be sure to discuss your decision with the heir you select!