Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding

Policies, Helpful Hints, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Reservations are required prior to boarding. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Summertime, school vacations, and holidays can be especially busy. Please call early enough to avoid disappointment.

Boarding Charges – Boarding charges begin on arrival day and end on pick up day. You will not be charged for pick up day if, when booking your stay, you arrange to pick up between 8am and 9am. Payment in full is expected at time of check-in.

Early Pick Up – Please understand that we reserve your cat’s room for the period you request. If you pick up early, you will be billed for the full period you reserved, unless we are able to fill the space. We don’t like to turn away pet owners we might have served had we known space would be available.

Cancellations – Reservations guarantee a space for your pet. To best serve all customers, we require notification of cancellation no less than seven days before the first day of the stay. Failure to notify us will result in your being billed for any part of the scheduled stay that we are unable to fill. This bill must be paid in full before another reservation is accepted.

Immunizations – To insure the welfare of our feline guests, we require your veterinarian’s documentation of current rabies, FVRCP (distemper) and, in many cases, feline leukemia protection. If your vet declines to vaccinate for feline leukemia due to advanced age or other circumstances, we still require a feline leukemia test. For indoor only cats, a feline leukemia test may be accepted in lieu of a vaccination.

Pre-Entry Check – On arrival and with owner present, pets are given a brief pre-entry check to note their overall health and any apparent signs of problems that we should be aware of. We provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for our guests. All cats must be flea free. Cats that are at higher risk for fleas such as those that go outdoors or live with other pets that go out, must also be current with an approved flea control product. Talk to your vet about the appropriate flea treatment for your cat. Veterinary services, if we deem necessary, will be added to owner’s bill.

Spayed and Neutered – All age-appropriate cats must be spayed or neutered prior to boarding.

We are not veterinarians. However, if your pet requires easily-administered medication, we’ll make sure he or she gets it on schedule. Should your cat become ill while staying with us and your vet is in the Queensbury-Glens Falls area, we’ll make an appointment without delay. Otherwise, we’ll visit our designated primary care vet. We will treat your pet as if it is our own. If we see your vet, he or she will bill you. If your cat is seen by our vet, the cost will be added to your Country Kitty B & B invoice.

Carriers – Please provide a sturdy and secure carrier for your pet. Experiences of other kennels that required unplanned evacuation due to a variety of emergencies clearly demonstrate how important this can be. (Please, no cardboard carriers.)

For your cat’s safety, we strongly advise that you use a carrier or harness to transport the pet from your vehicle to our reception room. We will not be held responsible should your cat become loose and run away.

All the comforts of home - We supply a comfy room with a country view, music, cool water, food, assorted play toys, and litter. It’s a stress free environment. Really, all you need to bring is the cat! Some owners also like to bring along favorite bowls, blankets, or safe toys from home.

Food – We stock Purina One Special Care Urinary Tract Health Formula dry food and assorted Fancy Feast and Friskies canned food. We’ll happily feed your pet his or her own diet brought from home, with no change in boarding fee.

Kitty Mail – Show your kitties how much you miss them. Our lucky guests receive Postcards and e-mail from around the world! We love reading your greetings to them.