Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding

Our Cat Boarding Rooms

SmokeySurrounded by woods, beautiful countryside, colorful flower gardens, birdhouses and feeders, provides a warm, cozy atmosphere that invites cats to play, relax and watch scenic wildlife from the safety of their own spacious 5' x 9' guest room.

We encourage pet owners to bring something to remind kitty of home. Smokey's mom brought along his Raggedy Ann doll and a few other favorites. Smokey enjoyed several months at the B & B and was treated to a variety of scenery as he tried out almost every room.

Each room is dedicated to one of our family cats
and decorated to match their name and personality.

HamishA large window and seat for hours of bird watching and catnaps in the sun.

Lots of cubbies for playing hide and seek, plush beds, cat chairs, and toys for feline fun.

Private litter boxes. Clean, shiny bowls make sure there is always plenty of refreshing food and water.

Up to three cats from the same household can rest comfortably in one room.

Treats and catnip
are always on hand
(with owner's permission)

  • Temperature and air quality control.
  • Arrangements cheerfully made for special diets or health concerns.
  • Special treats are also available.
  • Fire detection and security systems monitored 24/7 by a UL-listed Central Alarm Station.

Daily Schedule

8:00 a.m. - Breakfast served
5:00 p.m. - Dinner served

Playtime and catnaps offered to our feline guests throughout the day.

Make Yourself Comfortable…At The Country Kitty B&B

As B&B guests, we’re here to attest. 
The accommodations are splendid.  The hosts are the best.
They feed us our meals and pet us ‘til we purr.
They clean up our litter and comb out our fur.
We spend days watching birds from our window.  What fun!
And sometimes we nap on our shelves in the sun.
Then at day’s end, when we all have been fed,
They wish us good night and tuck us in bed.
Whatever we need, they take care of all that.
Just like home, what a life, as a B&B cat.