Country Kitty B&B Cat Boarding

Our Rates

Guest Fees Per Room *
1st Cat $35.00    
2nd Cat $20.00    
3rd Cat $15.00    

Gift Certificates Available

Whether going on a business trip or vacation, or due to a family emergency, you can relax knowing your special friend is well cared for.

Even folks visiting the Saratoga-Lake George region can invite their feline companions to enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks while having a great time at

We'll be happy to make additional rooms available for multiple cat families, space permitting. However, discounted rates shown for 2nd and 3rd cats apply only when the cats are in the same room.

* Boarding charges include drop off and pick up days. When pets are retrieved before 9 a.m. Mon.-Sat., pick up day is free. Reservations must be made prior to boarding. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Boarding can be extended in the event of an emergency, space permitting.

In the event of an emergency, veterinary services are also available.