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While we designed to be warm and inviting for both our guests and their owners, our chief concern was to provide a safe and healthy environment for the cats.

Fire alarms, and smoke and heat detectors are located throughout our facility as are motion detectors and other monitoring devices. Our fire alarm and security systems are fully supervised 24 hours a day by a UL-Listed Central Station.

Our air exchange and ventilation systems change the air in the B&B more than ten times each hour, faithfully introducing fresh air from outdoors non-stop, year 'round. Each of our feline guest rooms has its own air supply and return vents to assure that the air is always fresh. And oh yes, we’re air conditioned in the summer for everyone’s comfort!

To make the B&B’s air even healthier, we installed a HEPA filter. This special system goes way beyond traditional filtration and fresh air exchange. It grabs viruses, spores, bacteria, and other airborne enemies down to 0.3 micron particles! While the HEPA filter serves the entire building, some rooms are directly connected to the filter as if they could even be considered "isolation units".

So why a HEPA filter? Twice, cats who seemed fine when they arrived, were in the early stages of upper respiratory illnesses and within a few days, were sneezing. Our individual rooms and air handling system successfully controlled the spread of this contagious illness.

In the event of a power failure, purrs right along. With our back-up emergency generator it’s “business as usual”. And during winter time outages, a back-up heating system keeps everyone comfy.